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Caption me – Sawyer and Kumo

Photo (of tabby Sawyer and grey Kumo) by lunarmommy

Classiclol from August 2012
LM sez, inna comment on nawt-sekkkund time round: dis iz in teh baffroom. Kumo iz on teh sink, Sawyer iz on teh windowsill (az yoo can tell). but but but… dis iz KUMO’S windosill!! where KUMO sits!! an now dis noo guy iz sitting on HIMZ windowsill!! an ifinkso Kumo iz finking, Wen’s that guy going to get down offa my windowsill?


  1. Tihs iz me inna kuppl owrs luukeeng owt teh winner fur an eskaep rowt at pleh werk at nawt sekond job.
    Eye dunno wot iz mai nawt furst job or nawt sekond job. Dew we go bai tiem ov dai oar wot job eye haddid nawt sekond?

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