Smileys n Formatting

Just a quick reference guide to WP’s default emoticons and how to do formatting.

Emoticons (Smilies):

Formatting Text in Comments:

You cannot copy and paste these, it will not work! You have to type them!

With html, you generally have a tag at the beginning, in pointy brackets, and then almost the same thing at the end with a / added to tell the system that this is the end of the special formatting. The pointy brackets are on your keyboard, generally over the , and . in North America at least. To make them stand out more clearly here, the code that stays the same is in orange, and the bit that you put in is in blue. The top line shows what you need to type, and the line below it is an example of the result.

Change basic formatting:

<b>text to make bold</b> or <strong>text to make strong</strong> (same thing)
text to make bold or text to make strong (same thing)

<i> text to make italicized</i> or <em>text to make emphasized</em> (same thing)
text to make italicized or text to make emphasized (same thing)

<strike>text to strike thru</strike>
text to strike thru

<code>text that you want to have appear exactly as you typed it and in a monospace font</code>
text that you want to have appear exactly as you typed it and in a monospace font
You can use this on multiple lines in a row to do ascii art (the kind made up of keyboard characters) but you have to do the code tag at the start and end of each line.

Add a link, the fancy way:

<a href=”your link here, include the http“>what you want the text to say here</a>
eg, Cheezland: <a href=”“>the awsumest site evar!</a>
Cheezland: the awsumest site evar!

Other bits and pieces:

For a long quote:

<blockquote>text of the quote</blockquote> (Note: under the comment box you’ll see this with the word “cite” included. “Cite” doesn’t show and is really useful to search engines. So don’t worry about it here.)

From the Cheezland page on Lolspeek:

Lolspeak is, I think, a more creative means of play than people who haven’t taken a close look at it really comprehend. In order to write in lolspeak and make oneself understood, and in order to read what others are writing, one needs a good grasp of English to begin with.

For a short quote:

<q>text of the quote goes here</q>
text of the quote goes here
(Yes, I know, you could just type the quotes. :P Some themes change the formatting. Ours doesn’t.)

To create a hover-over message, mainly for acronyms and abbreviations:

<abbr title=”long version of text spelling out what it means“>short text</abbr> (newer html) or <acronym title=”long version of text spelling out what it means“>short text</acronym> (older html) (hover over the words “short text” and the example below)
short text (newer html) or short text (older html) eg: TFFOWRTW

Technically, there’s a tag for <del> as well, but for Cheezland, it’s basically the same as using <strike>.

Special Characters:

The simplest way to get things like music notes is to look in your computer’s Character Map. Usually it’s in your Start or Menu under Accessories, but that depends on what your operating system is. Click (or double-click) on any that you want and they’ll usually start appearing in a box at the bottom. Then you can copy them into your comment. For symbols you use frequently, you could try creating a text file on your desktop or somewhere easy to find and saving them in that, so you can copy and paste them from there. (Or highlight them on Cheezland when you see someone use a neat one, and copy that into a text file!)

If you’re a bit more advanced, there are ways to do ASCII characters by holding down the ALT key and entering the right number on the keypad, and there are many lists out there of the symbols you can get and the number you need to enter.

Hope this helps! As always, ask publicly or email prysma if you can has questions!!!

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