beems fur annipuss

annipuss is inna horspital! Leeve beems here!


  1. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz –> flying ober de pond from Skeddadle, wif eggstraw Lili woofs included! Wii lubs owr Anni!

  2. o hai

    i has spoken to ap this evening. she are off teh intravenous antibiotics, but is probably going to be in teh hospital until monday (and without interwebs access – pleh) at least

    she has also said to say o hai to everyone

    i are intending to go and visit tomorrow (sunday) – hope to has moar updates tomorrow evening. I has copied this thread in to plain text and will take a copy with me.

  3. Emerald beems skippity hoppity across from Dublin to Lundun. Get well soon deer ap. We miss you. Love from PhantomCat and Kiri-chan.

    And many fangs to Puddy for de uppitydates.

  4. O hai

    I are home from teh london (the journey was a bit long winded, as my car is out of action at the moment and the trains are a bit lumpy on sundays as bits of railway line get taken out of use for maintenance on sundays)

    AP are improving slowly, and otherwise nawt too bad – mainly bored in teh hospital. she is in a new-ish bit of lewisham hospital (she are on teh top floor of this building – – and has a view that stretches from central london to kent ) in a smallish room with 3 other people.

    it’s part of this hospital – the one we went on a protest march about a few years ago when there were plans to close it.

    I took her some magazines and a book. and a charger for her (non smarty) phone

    She are off teh intravenous antibiotics and on a stronger version of the ones her doctor gave her before. They will decide tomorrow whether they are going to try intravenous again (in which case she will need to stay in) or not (in which case she will probably go home)

    if she does stay in, then i’ll need to visit again next weekend (unless i can get any time off work sooner) and go to her house first, to collect some more clothes – and her tablet so she can play on teh interwebs again.

    more updates from one of us tomorrow

    1. Thanks, puddy! We misses her wifamuchness, but I are glad she gettin teh proper care and nawt just being pushed out at teh nawt-sekkund chance. Beemz am still coming, of corse, that teh new oral AB’s wurk. Livin aloan an havin teh helf stuff am sortakinda difficult – tehy can has sum sorta homecare nurse to check in or sumfing when she does go home?

      Whatever her needs, we will be here when her comes back, and we can has party an gib her all teh lubs.

      (I are glad horspital are still opin!)

      1. There are home visiting nurses, but I am not ill enough to need that service. My husband had them in every day after he was discharged from hospital after a far worse bout of cellulitis than I had.
        It was only(!) the emergency part of the hospital that was threatened with closure, not the whole thing.

  5. O hai.

    Today’s update – AP has finished the course of antibiotics, and seems to be improving, she will see the consultant tomorrow (Tuesday) so we will know more some time tomorrow.

    AP sends her love and thanks for the beems.

    1. Fankees Puddy! Wii hopes yoo am doing well too, and nawt too stressed or tired owt.

      Very glad to heer owr Anni am doing bedderer!

  6. Thank you all for the love and beems. I am improving slowly, but much happier now I am home and away from the hospital. I found out that the ward I was in is a locked one as most of the patients are suffering from various stages of dementia. I found it rather challenging. Most of the nurses are saints. I don’t know how they cope day after day.

    1. Be gentlol wif yurself, okay? Plz?
      That sounds… hard tu deal with, rly, especially with so little to do. But I hazza happy teh nurses were awesums.
      Lubs you wifafeerse, and soooooooooooooooooo happeh you be back!

        1. danz danz danz.. an verily slowlee twirls annipuss. wuz da sellulitis a rezult ov ur fawl oar jus wun ov doze krazy fings?

          1. Prollee dyoo tu teh fawldoungoboom. Ai haz had it bifor and coz uf diabeetus Ai aer moar lieklee tu get it. Bicoz mai legs wuz soar frum teh broozis, Ai din’t reelilez wat it wuz berree kwikklee, soe wuz werse dan iffn it had been treetid erlee.

  7. Uppydayt: Teh dokterz haz disiedid dat Ai duz nawt hab teh cellulitis but a complikayshun uv bericoes baynez dat mai be perminint. Nawt dayngeruss but still nawt kumfertablol. Thx ebriwun fur teh beems!

  8. Oh, iz bof gud gnus and bad gnus den… Ai are glad it nawt cellulitis, but very sowwy dat wut it am maight be permanament, and moreso dat it am uncomfortablol.

    Beeeeeeeeeems continyoo on ohaiest ohai! {{{{{{{{{Anni}}}}}}}}

  9. hmmmmm… how comes it took tehm awl dis tyme and pain and aggravayshun awn yur part fur tehm to figger dis owt?
    Wut can be dun fur dis?
    Ai noe, BEEMS on OHAIEST!!!!!
    stoopie doctors, ennyways….dis is wy tehy say tehy “practice” medicine.
    Tehy need to get it RITE!
    grrrrrr….. (gives doctors Teh Luk thru squinchee eyez)

    1. It looks and feels exactly like cellulitis – I have had that more than once, so can see how it was mis-diagnosed. I can live with it and am trying a couple of things that may help. I was mainly worried that it was an infection that could spread and be dangerous.

  10. ohai annipuss, i am so glad it iz not a pleh danjeruss infekshun after all. tho i wish it did not take teh doktors so much time and hosptilols an aunty-biotiks to figure it owt.

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