I got this email today from PhantomCat:

A few hours ago, Kiriko left us. She was diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma at the end of August, but has been feeling well with the aid of medication until now. Last week, she had two vet visits for digestive problems, and I realised her time feeling healthy and happy and very much herself was coming to an end.

With the help of my housemate Claire, who is a veterinary anaesthetist, we let her go peacefully and surrounded by love, here at home. It was an hono(u)r to be with her, and a final gift, after nearly 13 years of love and joy and laughter.

My heart is so grateful and so broken right now. I know the wonderful Cheezpeeps will understand this better than anyone else ever could.

Gorgeous Kiri-Chan has been on Cheezland many times.

Going to miss the wonderful moments of finding new pics of her adorable self in my emeow. Alla beems coming your way, PhantomCat, and we have a huge sad with you.


  1. So very sorry. Lots ov love an comforting beems heddin two u. >>>>>>>********()()()()()()())()♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Ai’m so sorry to hear this. She always seemed to show a certain dignity in her photos and I’m glad she was able to have a peaceful and loving end. Hugs and beeeems heading over the Pond!

  3. Thank you TJP. She was indeed a dignified gurll, though with a crazy streak. I hopeso Moose and Mara and Archie, along with PJ and Jessica, and the Timmys and all the other heart kitties are showing the noo gurll all the best spots in da Meadow.

    1. PJ an Jessica r luking afta ur gurll. Dey sey iz okai tobe sad butt nawt too too sad. Kiriko iz hangin awt wiv da cheezpeep gang.

    2. Aw, yoo rememburr mai crew. Mara iz probbly snoozing, butt(!) the boys will be gentlolmen adn maek shore she’z okay.

    3. Trick (whose Gotcha Day were yesterday) and Cory’s foster-mom Angel and my boys Loki and Nermal, they be there too. Nermal made friends with every other cat he ever met. And aifinkso is probable Lungdoc are there tellin the kittehs stories and makin sure they can has treets, with no more worryin about diabetes.
      Bigbig partee, welcoming the new grrl.

  4. I’m so sorry. It always hurts so much to let them go, even when it is the loving, kind thing to do. Kiriko is saying “thank you for putting me first and taking such good care of me.” Henry and Sarah will meet her and give her piggy-back rides around the meadow so she can meet everyone and settle in. Sending you many, many beemz and holding you all in the light.

  5. It’s a lovely thought that our heart-kitties are together and happy and pain-free, knowing that their peeps are showing such kindness and care for each other here. Cheezpeeps, you are amazing. Thank you all so much.

  6. {{{{{ PhantomCat }}}}} so very sorry to hear about your furrbaby.
    Many hugs and loving beems from southwest NYS xxxxxxxxoooooooo

    1. She was indeed. One of her house names was Miss Pritty Kitty. I’m so glad that, through her, I found Cheezland and the wunnermus Cheezpeeps.

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