News ’bout noodle and PJ and Jessica!


  1. Oh, deer deer Noodle…ai just saw dis. Ai iz so sorry yoo are going through this. I’m glad she’s eating and I hope all will be well now.
    Are they sure the lung nodules aren’t just artefact? That happened with my Sarah.

    *Takes the Coast Starliner wiffa boxcar or elebenty full of beems and pulls up in front of Noodle’s place*

  2. Beems coming frum heer, too! (Although Ai may haz intercepted summuv thoaz scones az thay came flying by). Mai beems will fly over adn joyne MQoS’s beems for sum eggstra reinforcemints.

  3. Updatin wiv gud noose. Jessica haz eeted an drinked sum an slept wiv me an peej. Keep da beemz awn ohai. Da cheezland luv b werkin itz majic. :grin:

  4. yayyy!
    beems continyew an web goze bai Noo Megziko heavenlee beems join in frum ovur teh bridj from never gone our deer frend LD.

    1. Well, and doggo lubbers too…

      Ai habs a deer friend who spendified her career as a surgiclol nurse. She am a kitteh mawm wiffa a doggo too, and wii bof lubs all kinds ob critters.
      Ai can’ts tell yoo de number ob times wii been sitting quietly discussing poop, barf, pee and the quantity, color and consistancy ob eech, and den suddenly realized wii am sitting inna restaurant or sum place where mebbe nawt ebbrywun wants to hear abowt dat!

      1. :lol: sew verily tru. Ai findz it awl sew fazinating. Yup, nawt evriwun undorstandz. Ohai shepmom. Whee three am bak two hour routeen. Hao b ur lily goggie?

        1. Lili am splendiferous, fankees! Seizures only very rarely and mostly tied to the twice yearly season change (barometric pressure — ai gets de migraine and she gets de seizure) but they am very short and nawt very severe ennymoar.

          Aifinkso she habs decided dat she likes mii a littlol bit — she am much more cuddly than she used to be and ai cans eben gibs her a kiss awn de tawp ob her head wifout getting mai face bitten awf!

    1. Will due immedyatly. Whooomp. Beemz hav arrived. Verily powerfilled. Meny fankz Mrrpph. Hour werld am getyin bak two normal, i.e. chaotic an ufn.

    1. Wundrus powerz ov cheezluv. Msi Jessica iz goin bak two dr tinyvet four a follo up appointmint. Fingurs crossed, hur am duin eva sew well. Fanks Mia an Cali… ai kan awlreddy feel da beemz wooshin diz wai.

  5. Da beemz an cheezluv werked dete majic agin. Jus gotted bak frum dr tinyvet appointmint. Jessica iz awlmostly awl betterer.

    Fanks four evrifing evriwun. Meny meny fanks frum me an peej. Wheeze got hour Jessica bak. :smile:

    1. Whee b safe an sound. A little smokey. My apartment iz in da middle of Santa Monica. Da local canyons are luvly but wai too dangrus inn fire an flood times.

      Whee b jus fine. Thanks fore checking. :-)

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