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  1. I got this via email.

    So I think Mara is in her last days with me. Maybe today, as I wait for the vet to call. As so many older cats do, she developed kidney disease. We started meds a few weeks ago, then I went to Florida last week for 5 days. She usually gets stressed when I go away, but I think this time pushed her over the edge. I got home yesterday at 1 pm and was at. the vet by 3:20. She barely acknowledged me, was weak, and soiled. She hadn’t groomed herself. Well, anyway, She looks a little better today because they pumped her up with fluids, but she’s not acting any better. She cries out a bit (she’s always been the silent type, except at 7 am) and is just sitting there, looking miserable.

    I just needed to share. I don’t mind putting this on Cheezpeeps, but I’m just not sure how. And Mara just got her third phone call of the morning. Everyone is checking up on her. She gets more calls than I do.

      1. Thank you. Now I’m just keeping an eye on Emma. I don’t know if she will enjoy being an only kitty, or will want a little brother to beat up and mold into her personal minion. I went through this when I got her. I didn’t know if Mara wanted a companion, and if so, what kind?

  2. I’m so sorry. It’s never easy on us, but bless you for giving her a loving, peaceful transition.

    Our hearts are with you.

  3. Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate the good thoughts. Emma’s been snuggly, so that helps, too. We’re doing fine.

  4. i’m so sorry to hear of Mara’s passing, TJP. She had such a good life with you, and you made it all possible. Remember always that you were as much a blessing to her as she was to you. Many hugs.

  5. So I’ve been checking the listings for a possible companion for Emma. I like older cats, but the vet suggested a younger one since Emma is only about 5, and will probably be a little dominant. So we know it should be a boy, about 3-7 years old.
    I fell in love with a kitten. I shouldn’t get a kitten. I’ve never had one. But this little guy is just reaching through the intertoob for me. Many rescues will only adopt out kittens in pairs (or multiples) so maybe it won’t work out anyway. Because of the shutdowns, the spay/neuter clinics were closed and now the shelters are filling up with kittens.
    I’ve never had a kitten, I’m not sure what to do with one. Emma will either become maternal or a bossy big sister. Is this a bad idea?

    1. Wen whee found babbeh PJ awt in da rayne, whee scooped him up. Hiz mumcat wuz stil a round, butt awl da othor kittenz whir in gud shape. Knot our peej. Hour gurl kats, zeba an bonnie whir nawt pleezed wiv da gnu interloper, butt, PJ won dem ovor.
      Soundz gud two me. :-)

  6. I have never raised kittehs, but I just wanted to wish you all the best in finding a companion for Emma. The gift of a loving home is beyond price.

  7. Naow thayre are two, adn no, Ai’m nawt getting two.

    Teh furst wun izza dorablol. A littlol yunger, adn Foster Mom sez he’z a “happy go lukky boy”, which sownds purrfekkt in case Emma decides to bat him arownd a bit.

    Teh sekkund wun izza dorablol :wink: He akkshully luuks liek Emma, small dark adn hansum, abowt 10 munths oald. Alsew affekkshunate adn cuddloly , etc. He’z at teh saem reskyoo Ai gottid mai Moose frum.

    Ai’ve sent e-meows to diffrint groops abowt specific kitties, adn eech thyme, teh kitties were adopted right after Ai axed abowt them. Mebbee Ai shud keep sending messidges sew thay all get adopted :)

      1. Sew Ai e-mailed teh furst foster. Kitty hazza nadoption pending alreddy. Ai hazza happy for him. Maeks mai dessizhun eeziurr.

  8. Munday uppity daet:
    Agh! Mass confyoozhun! Emma iz blakk with a littlol white underneath. Three uv mai four kittes have bin blakk. Ai thawt Ai shud mebbee get sumthing diffrint tihs thyme, if for no uther reezin tahn to tell tehm apart in teh middlol uv teh night wehn thayre’s a kitteh inches frum mai fayce (hoo yoo?).
    Kitteh 1: 10 munth oald blakk adn white boy, sooper cuddloly, sooper cute, saem shelter Ai got mai Moose. Thay write teh profiles in teh furst purrson sew teh kitteh alreddy luvs me adn hoaps Ai choose him.
    Kitteh 2: 1 1/2 yeer oald tiger, affectionate adn friendly.
    K3: 12 yeer oald hoo, according to teh shelter, luuks adn acts liek a yungster. White w/brown tabby splotches. He’s on the small side, sew mebbee we can fool Emma into thinking he’s yung.

  9. Okay, Sew Ai needs sum advice plz.

    Abuv mentshunned kitteh (“happy-go-lucky boy”) iz bakk in teh adoption line-up. Ai haz a meeting with him tomorrow. He’s 5 munths oald and Ai reely doan’t noe if Ai want wun tihs yung. Ai noe he’ll grow, butt(!) thayre are sew menny oalder cats in shelters hoo need homes adn kittens seems to get adopted kwikkly.

    I asked the foster mom if there were other applicants. She said yes, but implied that she liked mine. I think she thinks that because I’m retired I will stay home all day and love him (I may have misled her there, a bit). I’m sort of looking for an “out”, like maybe my house won’t be enough for him, that he needs more activity. He’s living with three other cats right now and is having a blast.

    I’m sure I’m overthinking this (I do that a lot). I hate to let someone down, but I think I may have gotten a little carried away.

  10. I can’t begin to advise you on which to adopt, but I can offer a few techniques for decision-making:

    1. List all the reasons for each one, from “yes it should be this one” to “no it shouldn’t be this one” for each kitteh. Compare the “best reason for” — which one has the strongest reason? etc. all the way through your list. Which kitteh has the most reasons?

    2. Get in a quiet place with no distractions. Take some time to imagine life with each kitteh. Does one kitteh intrude into your thoughts even when you’re trying to think of another one?

    3. As awful as it sounds, flip a coin — not to leave it to chance, but in case while the coin is in the air you know which way you hope it lands.

    Ultimately this is a heart decision only you can make — sending “all the best” beeeeeeeeeeemz for you and Emma and your new addition!

  11. Thank you. Those are some good points. I have had a few people offer decision-making tips and they’re along similar lines. In my job I had to make quick decisions and stick with it. When I have too much time I overthink and second guess, and when I start a project (adopting a cat, re-doing the bathroom), it almost becomes an obsession. Give me a menu with pages of choices and we’ll be here all day .

    I think deep down I know what I want. I just don’t want to let anyone down.

    1. My way of resolving a hard decision is to make two lists – pros on one side and cons on the other, Good luck!

  12. Sew six munths layter, Ai’m still heer, trying to decide… adn Ai reely need halp.

    (Emma’s on mai forearm – can’t type!)

    Ai may have menshunned haow Emma hates teh naybor’s tortie hoo spends lots uv thyme owtdores. Thay have actually fought throo teh window adn have ripped mai skreens. Tihs haz concerned me with regards to getting another cat.
    I have bin in touch with a couplol uv reskyoos, adn today wuz teh day to vizzit wun, abowt an hour away. Ai got up early, got reddy, adn *boom* scrambloling adn pownding at teh window. Naybor kitteh wuz owt.
    Mai primary reason for anuther kitteh iz company for Emma. If teh pandemic lifts, Ai hoap to continue traveling and Ai hate leeving her aloan. Ai’d also liek to give a kitty a hoam. Thayre are sew menny hoo need wun. Thayre’s rume in mai howse for another kitty (Mara fownd a clozzit to live in) even if thay donut get along, but Ai reely donut want teh stress uv mismatched kitties.

    Ai’m overthinking again :?

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