This is teh place for conversations that are maybe ongoing, or more serious, or otherwise donut feel quite rite fur in teh lols, and also, is easy way for peeps to keep track of uppitydaets.

If you can has something going on and you want a place to talk about it:

1) Say sumfing in a comment, prysma will see it eventually, or a mod comfortable wif making new pages will
2) Emeow prysma at [email protected]

Note for Mods:
1) At the top, in the bar, hover over the + New so it shows you options, then click on Page
2) Give it a title that includes the name of whoever you’re making it for
3) Put anything you like in the bigger box below that – maybe copy and paste whatever was said to request it
4) On the right, under Page Attributes look for Parent – click on the dropdown and choose “Threads” as the parent page, so it will nest under it. Ignore the bit about the order.
5) Make sure that at the bottom under Discussion there’s a check in the box Allow Comments (If you don’t see a box titled Discussion then click at the top of the page on Screen Options and make sure there’s a checkmark in that box.)
6) Whoever’s in the Authors box will get email notifications of all new comments. (Don’r see it? Check your Screen Options at the top.) By default, I set everything to “cheezpeeps” which goes to an email address I set up just for that.
7) Click on the button that says Publish (don’t worry about the time and date and all)
* It will NOT show up in the dropdown in the top menu right away, it doesn’t do it automatically. When you click “Publish” it will give you a permalink at the top under the title, you can share that to someone and comments will still show up normally. I’ll get it in the menu ASAP, until I start teaching you to do that too. :-D Feel free to make one for yourself, and then delete it if you want, just to see how it works.

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