Catching Up will give you an extensive list of recent comments and posts, much longer than in the sidebar

Find Stuff will let you search the site by peeps who sent me stuff, or critters etc, or date, or a search box

Old Home will take you back to the now-locked archive of our previous Interwebs home

Halp! How Do I…? has instructions on how to do some basic stuff on the site, ask if you need anything else added

Smileys n Formatting has a chart of how to get smileys and instructions on how to do some simple formatting

Submissions explains how and what to send prysma to post on the site

Privacy has our legally-required Privacy Policy (summary: any personal info of yours we collect isn’t ’cause we’re trying, we don’t want it and have no use for it and won’t share it)

Rules has expected behaviour on the site (summary: play nice and think about the feelings of other peeps) mostly so mods can, on the unlikely chance it becomes necessary, point at it to back up a decision

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