A thread for Shepmom to tell us about music, Lili, or whatever!


  1. Hi ebbrywun!

    I wants to invite yoo to an online concert ai are doing wiffa friend dis Caturday night, de 22nd ob May at 7:30 p.m. PST. Yoo cans watch it here: by scrolling down below de serbiss window to find de concert. Dere wills alsewtooaswell be a link to watch it directly awn de Toob ob Yoo.

    De concert habs sum really interesting pieces frum awl ober de whirled. Mai faborite am de last wun “Illuminated Inside” – but it am very difficult in parts!

    I are de piano/organ player and yoo won’ts see me awn de screen but ai are dere!

    PLEASE NOTE: MUNNIES AM ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. Yoo duz nawt need to gib munnies to watch/listen to the concert. I jus’ wanted to invite awl de Cheezfrends.

    1. Forgotted to say – it wills be awn YooToob for a couplol ob weeks, in case de time differences make it difficult to watch when it first airs. Fankees.

  2. Haow eggciting! Ai will hasta wayte for teh encore on accownt uv it being afturr mai bedd thyme!

  3. Yay for a beautiful concert! Very well done, and byootiful production. Ai needed to cleen mai desk, adn thawt Ai’d put it on az bakkrownd, butt(!) ended up wotching it. Even rewound it a cupplol uv thymes :)

  4. Ai also wanted to ask yoo, were yoo on teh HGTV board menny yeers ago? Teh board wuz taken doawn suddenly, adn we were all left adrift. Ai’m pritty shore thayre wuzza “Shepmom” thayre.

      1. Home & Garden TV – cablol channel. They hadda bizzy messidge board, adn wun uv teh sub-foru wuz “pets”. Thay tuuk teh board daown adn Ai nevver knew wut happined to ebbrywun.

  5. Please pray for Lili – we are heading to the ER vet now.

    She’s not coming out of a seizure, and she threw up blood.

    Thank you all.

  6. Thank you all for the beems.

    Lili had a massive internal hemorrhage subsequent to a bad seizure and died in the car on the way to the ER vet.

    She has gone to be with Henry and Sarah.

    1. I am so very sorry. If I’m remembering right, you went through so much when you got her, and it wasn’t that long ago? She was lucky she had you, and soon she’ll be romping in the meadow, free of all pain and discomfort. Biggest hugs to you. Please take care.

    2. Oh no. An we had just had da privilege ov admiring her on cheezland. Lili luved you with her whole heart and soul. And you loved her and took good good care of her through so many difficult times.

      All our hart nanimals are gathered round to welcome Lili. ‘Look’ they say, ‘Lili is here with us now.’

  7. Beautiful Lili came to live with Shepmom in October 2016, from a rescue in Texas.
    And had a seizure literally that same night.
    It’s Lili’s immensely good fortune that she came to live with someone who didn’t immediately reject her or… whatever… instead of struggling through diagnosis and many attempts at treatment and meds side effects with her.

  8. oh no! Shepmom, I am so very sorry that you lost dear Lili, she was lucky to have her last best years with you. {{{{{{{{{{{SHEPMOM}}}}}}}}}}}

  9. Fankees wif awl mai heart, deer frends. Ai miss her so much, but she is free of seizures nao and is wif her brother and sister. Yoo am awl beri kind. Wii habs awl been dere.

  10. Hi deer Friends,

    I have some more music to share wif yoo!

    Dis wun: am myoosic for Fanksgibbing and Advent by me and otter myoosishuns where ai works.

    Dis wun: am just mii playing de organ. Dis wun am alsewtewaswell a fundraiser (explainified in de description) but NO MUNNIES AM REKWIRED OR EGGSPECTED (am totally up to yoo) – ai jus’ wanted to share wif Cheezfriends. It wills be availablol as ob 7:30 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, Dec. 3.


    1. Fankees!

      The other one should be up in abowt 10 minnits.

      They’ll both be up for a whilol, so dere’s no needs to watch bof today.

      1. Sorry I missed this yesterday. I promised myself I would *try* to clean my desk area tomorrow, so I will reward myself as I go with the byootimus music.

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