So we can all keep up with news about maryqos’ houseful of rescues plus other rescue and wildlife rehab stuff and… whatever


  1. and right now Jojo is at the vets to have the rest of the fluid drained-the hole is too far from the lower part of the abscess to drain on it’s own so he will be coming home with the hole in his side stitched, a drain, and a cone. :(
    his private room is ready…
    AND vet says the black streak on his other side is not grease, it is from being hit by a tire! Oh Man, the “Lets put the bullies outside to wear themselves out” Experiment is over and is a disaster in 3 weeks.
    (Vet tech says “There is a hole in your cat!!!”)
    no duh!

  2. ugh he is going berserk trying to get the cone off,I could cry. Also $500 plus poorer. he’s got about a three inch incision with a drain at one end. “Keep him calm and in a small room for 14 DAYS.” Said so calmly like no big deal.
    Hello? Big Deal!
    Poor baby.

  3. I haz a sad for you and JoJo. Bein a bully duz nawt meen he deserbs this. If you take off teh cone to keep him frum freekin out so much he hurts self or sumfin, will he mess wif incision? Can you cover it wif some of teh kind of medical tape that only sticks to self, maybe?
    I haz a hope he heels fast, and you nawt has to keep payin teh v-e-t bills so much…

  4. good ideas. right now the drain is the issue. Don’t want him or others to yank it. Comes out Monday so I might change things then. I can’t imagine keeping him in that room or cone for 13 days…

  5. update: I ordered a different collar for him that looks kinda like an inner tube that replaces that awful cone.

  6. and I spent all the time yesterday I wasn’t at the vet’s putting together a temporary fix on the catio screen door so the cats could go out there. because I never know when the guy is coming and he’s been so busy it has been a long wait for everything this summer and he’s there now fixing it…………………………………………….

  7. bad storm nocked power owt awl ovur town an hear at horse spittle, auksil…..augggssill…….awksill…………….backup powur is awn butt elevaders noe werkin an FYREMENS hear!!! Verry tall yung wuns inn there fyremens owtfitts.

  8. GAH! cone was stressing JoJo out bad so Friday I got from Amazon an inner tube looking collar that you blow up and it has a velvety cover. Had some adjusting to do but he is leaving his stitches and drain alone. Yesterday he had gotten the collar off but not the regular collar holding it on and so he looked like he was wearing a beret. Today I found it popped. Aughhhhhhhhhhh! I let him out when I’m home and awake. The other kitties leave him alone and he’s much happier hanging out outside of the small room. Drain come out today at 5pm cheeztime.

    1. Poor JoJo. And poor you. Fingers crossed things are better with the drain out and that all looks clean and is healing nicely!

  9. stuffed his inner tube cover with knee-highs. tube removed at vets. stitches in till the 21st.
    this morning inner tube and regular collar off. he’s not messing with stitches so I said $%*&^% it. he keeps being aggressive with Spanky, ever since Spanky got crippled.
    somethings gotta give.

      1. nawt shore waht happint tew Spanky. I think he fell off top uf wall eunich with teh baskit up thare fore sleeping butt he mai haev a progressive thing whare loosis control of back end uf body sew he walks funnie butt he’s been at teh saem levil uf cripplolled fore awhile nao. He wwalks funnie bak legs wobblie butt he still gets arawnd wiff tish problim. butt he is teh onlee pee monster nao. Yesturdai ai was washing mai paws at kitchin sink an smelt pee. he sometimes goes inn teh sink if one of sides is empty. *Sniff* sink no smell, glanse up. yello likwid puddlol on windoe sill above sink! aaaarrrruuuugggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  10. Jeekers.
    Sew Friedegg evenink ai maekin nyse salad an JoJo jumps up tew check owt an lands wiff his bak fut inn mai salad sew nao he has an oranje bak foot (Katalina dressink)
    Sew Saterdai ai maeking terkie sammidje fore lunge, Serprise. JoJo jumps up tew check owt and lands wiff his bak fut inn teh mayanayse side uf mai sammidje.
    Sew Sundai ai was painting teh mudroom an ai just was finishing teh threshold…….well yu kan gess teh rest………

    1. Him’z an artiste. Wen pj wuz littlle, whee had sum frendz ova four thankzgiving an yup him jumped up an skittered acrost a plait full ov turkee an potatoes. Ai laffed an laffed but mai star wuz nawt ammused.

  11. Kweschin: dew yu fing it wood dew anee gud tew putt a calmingcoller awn a bully? Bully is nawt uncalm butt wood it halp? Spanky an Rosie an Johnny wonnering cause Timmy bein a stinkpot.
    Gud think tho is that Little Sammy decided he didn’t want to be a bully like dem bad bois, he spends his dais wiff Rosie and thay seem very contented, mai big glossie stumpy tailed beautiful panther Rosie and little glossie noisie “I want it NOW” Sammy.

  12. Oh boi! leekie pipe beein replaysed tewdai sew maibe celler will drie owt!
    Ai sew wanted tew put a sine awn teh beautimus cleome plant that grew awn itz own an juss nao bloomink butt ai’m afrayd nawt goinna servive tewdai.
    Awl pleeze cross paws that tomorrow’s replaysement of vent and all parts all teh way to the furnace will finely taek teh stink uf yee olde pee uf kitteh smell awai inn teh baffroom.

  13. Question: Jojo has come in three times now (over the course of his getting outside) with a black streak just to the left of his spine. Like a smudge. When he had the abscess on the other side the vet said it was from a car tire-that he got hit. I was doubtful but…okay. Well he’s had that same streak again twice more. I cannot figure out how the heck he is getting the same black smudgey streak about 4 inches long in the same dang spot. Any thoughts?

    1. He is probably squeezing past a piece of oily or otherwise dirty machinery somewhere on his way to do whatever it is he has to do!

  14. Good gossip: FDJ is engaged to a lovely young lady!
    Saw Paula Poundstone in Ithaca, laughed steady for 2 hours-here’s the funny cat part:
    I have 13 cats and when people say “HOW did you end up with so many cats?” I say “I know just how it happened. I had 16 cats and 3 died.”

  15. OMCC, I was looking at my calendar and I can’t believe it. On Oct 21 it will be TEN years since my dearest heart kitteh-Josie-went over the bridge. Ten years. Yesterday.
    I think Susie has some Josie in her. Sometimes I forget and call her Josie.

  16. A cheezfrend is very ill inn horsespittle. Hur cheezie naem is Catsablanca. She has non-alcoholic cirrhosis.
    Here’s address if yu want to send a card:
    Dena Clark
    Room 104D
    Mease Hospital
    3231 McMullen Road
    Safety Harbor, FL 34695

  17. happie storie tew end teh yeer:
    Friend called all upset, 2 girls going door to door with Christmas kitten ~3 months old. Their dog kept attacking it. I didn’t think I’d be much help but my dear friend at Hearthside found a foster for the little tuxie so I picked him up and met the foster at a nearby town. Sweet little fellow did NOT want the carrier, whole arm out waving at me. While I waited for his foster mama to arrive I let him out and oh such a sweet boy, you could tell he had been with little girls because he smelled like candy. :D

  18. leff werk at noom an sleeped fore nawt five ours. nao kant visit momcat cause iced rodes (a4n15
    eru7…….Ronnie says ohai…..

  19. Joyfulllll so joyfull. sweet little Dixie who was a stray we caught 4 years ago and she gradually came to trust us and she had a little kitten named Tink that got adopted.
    She loves pets. She does not like to be picked up at all. I tried but decided to just respect that.
    Last night-for the very first time-she slept next to me in the bed.
    Oh my heart!!

  20. completely OT for cheezies butt ai knead tew wine: mai bossman sez ai haveta bee awn a “Lean Team”. Ai haet taht carp! ai reelie dew.
    sew their.
    pee ess Last night Dixie peeked up over the edge of the bed at me when I was reading and then she slept next to me again-even touching at one point! She’s such a sweetie.

  21. sew today beginning weak nawt fore of noe hots wader. colde showers mai maek yu live longer..butt…ai dunawt lyke tew crye wen ai get kleen. teh guy opposed tew bee dere today fore teh final fing tew fixify.
    thot about boiling a cupple of potz of wader awn stove an carrying intew baffroom fore a tub baff.
    thot about carrying a larje pot of boyleing wadder frum kitchen thru dinink ruum thru livink ruum too baffrum wiff nawt 15 kittehs an nawt 2 goggie in hause wiff me and ai sed “noe wai Jose”

    1. Definitely, as deer Anni says, a wyze disishun. Ai habs taught Lili to step back from de oven when ai is putting sumfing in or taking sumfing owt. She am just at de right hite for dere to be a disaster of a burnt snoot.

  22. I’m going to get to pick up a little porcupine at Cornell either tomorrow or Saturday! Excited! I’ll meet someone from the sanctuary in an Aldi’s parking lot so I won’t have to drive 1/2 extra there and then 1/2 hour home.
    I originally offered to pick it up-by bribing with TP. Hot commodity! Cheezis Twice!

  23. Aw geez, if it weren’t teh age uv cholera Ai’d meet yoo sumware. Ai’m looking forra spring drive. Ai dowt teh Cornell Plantations are blooming yet, but taht wood be a nice respite.

    1. I’ve heard the gardens are a great place to visit……we must do that after this plague is over. Also I’ve never seen the falls. I love Ithaca, wish I could live there!

  24. cheezpeeps, pleeze tew sai a prayer to CC oar anyone inn athoritee. Mai Spanky is sik, left msg at vet, waiting fore cawl. He is scruffy, vomiting clear watery a little, an nawt eeting an nawt being his Spanky self. His bad bak legs are badder than ewesual.
    He haz bin sleapin inn bed negst tew me rite ware Foster did wen Foster waz old an inn hiz last months.

  25. Oh msi Spanky deer. Sendinin hi strenff beems two da norfeest. {{{{Spanky an maryqos}}}}
    >>>>>÷÷÷÷×××====*****☆☆☆☆☆》》》》》》》》》》》》》~~~ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡.

  26. ———->>>>>>>>>>> Beems on ohaiest ohai! Prayers going up immediately and ongoing!

    {{{{{{{{{{MQ and famblee}}}}}}}}}}

  27. Vet called me in my car in the parking lot.Going to do blood work. His teeth are bad. I thought he was eight but they say he is ten. Wish I wasn’t being furloughed for a week and I don’t want to be out a whole week so I am forfeiting unemployed pay because I asked to work two days for two weeks instead of all in one week. I know already about his teeth and was being thrifty and waiting to see how the problem with his lame back legs progressed. 🥺

  28. Blood work “inconclusive “ so abdominal X-ray now. Also nothing so “pancreatitis “. Giving him fluids antibiotics and appetite stimulant. Pushed on his bladder to see if he had an obstruction. Over $550. Good night nurse!

    1. I’m sorry he’s going through this… and you, too. I wish alla kitties could stay safe and healthy always… or at least until their humans are less stressed about other stuff.

      I gotta say the bad thing, and I hate saying it but… with the chronic back leg thing, and a bad teeth thing, and he’s obviously feeling really bad with something that has no obvious simple diagnosis… would it be better for his sake to release him to cross the Bridge?

      Whatever you choose, you have love and beems from the whole household here. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{mqos and Spanky}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      1. Thanks PK. I do think that his time is short. Definitely not going to prolong this if he doesn’t respond. Oh Spanky! Thanks for all the support and cheezlove from all you dear people.

    2. Sorry not $550 but $509 this is ridiculous. All the labs and X-ray and end up treating the symptoms which is what would have happened without all that testing. Bummed.

  29. BEEMS frum Middul Urth West for Spanky…poor kitteh, hims berry hansum, too.
    He reminds me uv Mr. Murphy, only Murphy’s ears wuz teh foldid.
    more BEEMS for Spanky and hims werried Mahm!

  30. honistlee life chanjes sew fast dese dais.
    Spanky bedder, thank CC an my cheezpeeps, ai lub yu wun an awl!
    Was to be furrlowed, vee pee of pashint caer sez “oh noe yu art nawt!” okai butt nao mai boss pist bekawse ovurrooled.

    1. Are yoo glad to nawt be furrlowed? Sum peeplol yay, sum peeplol nay.

      Ai send continyooed improovemint beems to Spanky.

      1. ai waz ambitiou…….embiliv…………..imbivail…………of two mynds. Less monies, butt nawt kritikle finanshilly fore a chanje, give me sorta taste uf retiredmint, butt cheeziz twice ai dunnat thimk infekshin pervinshinist shood bee ferlowed inn a potdemick.
        (butt ai had werkde owt a plan tew werk too dais a weak fore tew weeks rather than wun hole weak. wood nowt bee able to get teh unimploimint pay butt ai don’t kare.)
        still waz unaggsceptikel too manitee peeples.

    2. Sew glad to heer Spanky am bedderer!!

      Keeping up de beeeeeeeeeeeeeeemz —————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      {{{{Mqos and famblee}}}}}}

  31. 1. JoJo went to the V-E-T yesterday and having toofies cleaned today an wiff teh noo procedure, ai din’t realize wen thay took him owt bak taht he wazint koming bak afore thay kept hymn ovurnite an ai don’t kiss him goodbai! *Sniff*
    In teh way thare, he new teh top uf teh karrier wood opin he kept trieing tew poosh it opin wiff hiz noggin, ai wisht ai kooda gottin a pitcher.
    2. Yu mai knoe taht FDJ is getting MARRIED Sadurdai! Thay hadda kansel teh plans sew thay at haeving a 50’s wedding an it will be broadcaset sew wee kan attend. it will be 2 Percific thyme sew 5 Cheezthyme. Ai am glad fore him an she seems verrie sweet. Good thymes!

  32. NONONO!
    vet just called she said JoJo has a severe bacterial infection in his right ear and a growth down in the ear that has to be removed, it may be a polyp or it may be malignant and surgery may rupture the eardrum and have to wait 8 weeks or so to do the surgery. He’s not that old! I’m now a wreck.

    1. Mary, I has a sorry as big as teh Lake between us. Is tough even when they’re older cats, let alone so young. I has faith you will do what is best for JoJo, whatever will give him teh best quality of life and set him free at teh right time. All teh loves and hugs and beems coming your way from me and Jackie and teh furkids.

      1. Thanks PK, yes I told the vet I’d do one surgery for his ear but not putting him through it again and again. Thanks for all the kind words evveryone, I know you are there always for me! xxxooo

      1. because he just had anesthesia.
        he’s only 4 or 5. not good. other vet that i trust more, she says, he may only gain one or two years from the surgery because it will most likely grow back.

        1. Oh no! Just coming into this thread — I am so so very sorry to hear this news. Da** it.
          Holding you both in light and love while you wait for news. JoJo knows you love him and you’ve given him a wonderful home — hold on to that.

          {{{{{{{{MQ and fambly}}}}}}}}

  33. Should JoJo still be loopy?
    I see on the bill they did a cytology so they should be able to tell what type of growth it is. They didn’t mention that.

  34. JoJo bak tew normel witch is krazeeee

    Rant: Someone ordered 2 Walmart orders with my credit card and email-two download video games and one DVD each…
    First Walmart Customer Service call: Sincere guy “Oh we knew that was fraud and didn’t fill the orders, you are all set”
    Yesterday received the two DVDs in my mail…………….
    Second WCS call: Woman-“YOU can take those to the store and get your money back and then YOU can deal with the credit card bank to get your money back for the downloads”
    So Sincere guy was really just a lazy ass who didn’t want to deal with anything.
    This is not the first time my email has been used and the third time my credit cards were used. Now the other two were Discover and they called me immediately about the probably fraud but no call from Chase about the third one. New card on the way. :(

  35. Timmy got out when the cleaners were here yesterday and the neighbor’s dog chased him and he’s about twenty five feet up a tree. STILL! I’m a wreck. Friends coming soon to try and get him down.

      1. called the tree guy that Hearthside Cats recommended because the neighbor tried to put up a bigger ladder and now Timmy is way the hell up higher than before.
        Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree…

  36. Nyse guy climed waaay up de tree sew Timmy went waaaaay owt awn teh branch butt finelie got mai kitteh back tew erf. whewie.

      1. Sadie was acting like a wind up toy winding down slower and slower. So to the vet. She is positive for Lyme which now that I read up on it explains the occasional limp. She had other blood work done but the analyzer was down because a tree fell on power lines and the power went out and messed up their machine. So she’s got an antibiotic and pain med to take.

  37. Sadie not better and have to take her to vet at 1145 Cheeztime and they think they will be keeping her.
    I’m never going to be able to retire.

  38. The vet’s analyzer is still broken so no Sadie labs yet. She’s over there getting more Xrays and staying overnight.
    Also she PROBABLY heard the cats knock a full 15 oz. container of Temptations treats onto the floor this weekend during the night and she PROBABLY ate most/all of them so she MIGHT have pancreatitis from it.
    Or maybe she fell off the bed and so let’s do a full spine X-ray on her.
    Good bye nicer kitchen cupboards.

    1. That are teh srsly AAARRRGGGHHH. Bad enuff wif teh unavoidablol stuffs, but wehn tehy sabotage themselfs too… *heddesk*

      Muchness of beems and lubs comin your way and Sadie’s fur helf an kwik recovery an sanity an clams.

  39. Vet called last night at nine. Sadie is eating and is better. Labs all ok. They gave her an anti-inflammatory in case it was a disc problem. Also suspecting the pancreatitis from eating nearly a pound of cat treats……………..
    (why would she want a spinal X-ray and then tell me that those X-rays don’t tell much???) (I know-$$$$$)

      1. I’m afraid to pick her up. It was $549 for the first visit and now she’s stayed overnight….and had more X-rays and meds!

  40. My life-an excerpt:
    Sat 11pm instead of putting dry noms outside for MamaKitty because it was sprinkling I propped open the mudroom door so her food wouldn’t get wet.
    Sun: 6:15 am I forgot I did that and Little Sammy got out. I couldn’t catch him.
    Sun: multiple times Called for L.S. walked around. Bonus: I didn’t fall down.
    Sun: 5 PM feeding time. No L.S.
    Sun 5:15 Steve is in kitchen window making his upset cry. He is looking down at someone outside. It is LS covered with sticky things
    Sun 5:25 I reward Steve with 1/2 can of gushy with gravy that he likes.
    Sun 5:45 pm Steve pukes 1/2 can of gushy with gravy on the dryer
    Sun: 11 PM when giving cats their evening treats wonder why some treats are left on counter, well that is because they are sitting in pee.
    The End.

      1. Oh, ai nawt gnoes….ai gnew a nun wunce who swore a lot….ob korse, yoo nawt reelly noticed dat because ob de cigarette and double scotch shee were holding (troo story)….

  41. Another soop storie:
    Mai werk fren an office partner gave me homemades pee soop fore tew taek hoem.
    Nyse contayner, round plate sorta wiff good tite lid…..
    Sew aw putt awn passinjer seet. (Yu can sea ware diss goeing)
    Ai zoomie up teh hill tew hoem an flie arawnd teh big korner an oopsie teh contayner goes flying an lands inn teh passinjer dore pokit. ai think “oh, good ting teh kontainer hass good lid”
    Well, noe, noe it did not. Sew mai passinjer dore pikit looks lyke Linda Blair barfed innit.
    Woe is me. wahtta mess ai maed. an lost teh good pee soop inn the process. :(

  42. Just reading over all my woes. CCheeze!
    It continues but is so the norm. Cher at the sanctuary says you can have a clean house or animals, but not both. Since mostly retired I am keeping up much better. Happy Holidays all!!!

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