How to submit a LOL:

Email to:
Subject: LolSubs (Please don’t get creative with the subject line – the email filter cannot sort them into the right place if it doesn’t actually say “LolSubs” – but you can add other info to it)

  • Your cheezname (or other name you want credit as). Please don’t assume that prysma can figure out your Cheezname from your email address!
  • All credits (Photo by AND Caption by) and source links if applicable. Please don’t assume that I’ll figure out whether you took the picture yourself or where you found it.
  • Optionally, names of animals and/or people in the pics, anything else relevant, especially if you want it mentioned
  • Any notes, eg, theme day you’re submitting it for, background on the situation in the pic

LOLs/Pix: Attach images you want to submit, with or without captions, OR links to where to find those images online. Please limit submissions email size to maybe half a dozen images per email, maximum. You can send all the LOLs you want, just please not all in one message.

Size and Format Specs:
jpg / jpeg is the only format being posted, anything else will have to be converted.

Images will not be posted any larger than 640×480 pixel.  500 or 600 for the larger dimension is usually just fine. If you send larger ones, they’ll be resized. (If they’re your own pics and they’re big, I’ll probably crop them to focus on the cat/dog/whatever, and I’ll try to be generous, but the width will not go over 640.)

What prysma would love to see:

  • Interesting animals – we all love teh kittehs, and I’ll keep primarily posting kittehs, but one or two a day that are nawt-kittehs is nice variety!
  • Stuff sent in by peeps who have nawt sended stuff before – try it! Plz to not nawt-send lols or photos because you don’t think they’re good enough! Is an eezy and happeh and friendly audience, y’know!

FAQs (Frekwently Asked Qwestions)

Q: Can I submit my lols from ICHC?
A: Yes. Lols captioned via ICHC (aka DOP) are fine as long as they’re your own. Lunarmommy found hip waders and slogged thru the DOP Terms of Use (TOU) in the nawt-sekkund day or so – they has permission to use anything submitted, but it does not belong to them, it belongs to teh creator. Thank you so much to lunarmommy for wading through the ICHC TOU to clarify! Many things being posted came from there. Trying to avoid using front-page stuff, but there’s soooo much awsumness that got lost in the flood over there! So plz to feel free to send stuff made at DOP.

Q: How do I submit a lol from ICHC?
A: On your ICHC profile, go to your lols
Click on teh thumbnail of teh lol you want.
It will open up a bigger version.
Now RIGHT click on teh pic. A list of options opens up.
Click on “Save As” and save it to a folder on your computer.
Send it to prysma at with credits n stuff.

Note: plz to be careful you aren’t right-clicking on teh thumbnails (teh lil version on teh page with lotsa your other lols) – otherwise it saves only teh lil teeny version, and sizing pix bigger does not well! (Lotsa peeps has done this.)

Q: I know I can use my pics, but what pics on teh web can I use for lol submissions?
A: If not your own, the images in the LOLs should be used with express permission from, and credit to, the photographer. Sources for these images should be from (a) our own Gallery or friends, or (b) stated to be Public Domain, or c) Creative Commons with a link to the source. Using Creative Commons material without credit given violates the CC license in most cases, so you need to send the source link with the lol. Wiki Commons is often a great source.

There are many sites collecting and offering pics with no effort to provide links to where they found it or to the original source. “Photo source unknown” means we cannot verify whether we have the fair right to use it or not. These can get us in trouble (although admittedly it’s highly unlikely). It’s also a question of ethics: would you want pics of your critters all over the interwebs with no name or credit at all? LOLs have been submitted based on pics from these sorts of sites that were NOT free to use and have been disqualified on those grounds, which is a waste of time and effort on all sides. Given that, and since it would take an impossible amount of time to check on sources for all, pics from sites like goaww and similar are no longer being used at all.

The glaring exception to this is DOP, also known as ICHC: anyone can upload pics there, and they do, and sometimes they really shouldn’t, but realistically, an immense percentage of Cheezland’s LOLs are from those made by Cheezpeeps on ICHC, which has a familiar interface and on which many have made large numbers of lols over the years. Out of sheer practical necessity, these will be used.

There are lots of images out there that are expressly fair game, try to use them and keep track of the source, okay?

The captions themselves need to be (a) your own, OR (b) used with express permission of, and credit to, the captioner. Stuff found already captioned online, (not stuff you captioned) that were posted under Creative Commons or “Source Unknown” won’t be used.

Q: I know I can use my pics, but what pics on teh web can I use for Caption-me submissions?
A: Images need to be either (a) your own, OR (b) used with express permission of, and credit to, the photographer (relative or friend of yours, basically). Images found online with a Creative Commons license may be used for Caption-me spots IF a link to the source is provided, but they won’t be added to the Gallery. “Online somewhere” or “creative commons” or “wiki commons” with no further info isn’t enough.

Q: How do I put a caption on a picture?
A: Lols captioned via ICHC (aka DOP) are fine as long as they’re your own. There are also a variety of other sites out there that allow you to upload and caption pictures, for example roflbot or BigHugeLabs or piZap. (puddy_tat tells me that roflbot only works if you take the “s” out of the https when you give it the photo link. Possibly the same is true of others.) Or you can add captions on your own computer using Photoshop, GIMP, Paint, or other software. Several are suggested on the Links page (under “LOL and Pix Links”) – there are links there as well for ways to resize your own pics. (prysma plans to do a tutorilol on how she does it in GIMP, which is free software.)

IF YOU CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THIS, DO NOT PANIC OR GIVE UP! Send it anyway! If you have an awesome picture and a caption but you just canNOT figure out how to put them together, send the picture and the requested caption and  prysma will add it or forward it to a volunteer who will, but it may take longer.

Q: What should I avoid?
A: Here am a list of things not to submit.

  • Anything too hard to read (caption font is miniscule or too ornate or the caption is impossible to make out against the background colours, mainly). Keep in mind that not everyone is able to read fancy elaborate script fonts and people may be looking at lols on screens of various sizes. Also consider the colour of the font vs the colours behind it. Keep it easy for everyone to read.
  • Anything that prysma thinks has a srsly high chance of being distressing instead of fun to a significant number of people (that one’s a bit of a judgement call, sorry) – basically anything that doesn’t fall within “play nice”. This is, after all, supposed to be a safe place. This has, so far, included guns, alcohol, overtly sexual themes, and excessive bathroom humour. It can also include excessively obscure references, not because they aren’t nice but because they’re less fun.
  • Anything with violence, death, cruelty, sick or injured animals, abuse, etc etc. This needs to be fairly emphatic to be a problem, since any photo taken by Cheezpeeps prysma will assume has a safe backstory, but pics of unknown source is up to prysma’s discretion whether it’s questionable.

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