Caption me – annipuss’ visitor

Photo by annipuss
Classiclol from March 2019

anni sez: I went out to put some stuff in the recycling bin and a new to me kitteh spoke to me asking for pettings. He followed me indoors and explored the ground floor – he would have gone up the stairs if I had allowed! He climbed up and walked all over the table. I eventually had to pick him up to put him outside – he tried to come back in, but it was getting chilly with the door open so I told him firmly Kthxbai!

Caption me – Cory-Bear

Photo (of Cory-Bear) by prysma
Classiclol from May 2019

Bein silleh…

[Psst… much thanks fur teh beemz, peeps! Teh Bearkitten are drinkin bai his ownself an startin tu eet a lil bit of junkfoodie noms wifowt needin halps, altho still not neerly enuff. He gonna gets ober this bad fing, wif sum thyme!]

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