1. o hai and conga fockses, ap

    has your new fockses stood still long enough to be photographed yet?

    1. Ohai an thx, Puddy.
      Ai hab nawt seed teh twins agane. Hab a camruh in upstarez an anuvver dounstarez reddee!

  2. Make sure dese looks eggstraw gud, Mr. Flashy-bawks Man. Ai gonna send dem to Miss Annipuss and asks iffn ai can comes to stay!

    Conga it’s technical, deer Anni, and Ohai, Puddy!

    1. Thx fur teh congrats, Shepmom.
      Aifink Ai haxz enuff foksiz thx. Ai seed wat Ai thort wus lass yeer’s kit, den Ai seed it wuz smawl and den anuvver egzaklee teh saem caem owt uv teh junglol. Muss be dis yeer’z kits!

      1. Ai dids nawt gnoe dey came in kits – ai thotted de wuz already assembloled!

        I’ll show myself out…

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