Bunway Airlines

Photo by Romeow
Caption by honeycakerabbit

Classiclol from August 2012

Question: would you like me to add links to the nawt-sekkund appearances of classiclols, to make it moar eazier to go back and see what was sed? This one had some comments from Lungdoc that maked me smile, while I were checking if there were any relevant info to include. Is right here if you wanna go look. Shud I start including the links, insted of bein lazy?

Caption me – Sawyer and Kumo

Photo (of tabby Sawyer and grey Kumo) by lunarmommy

Classiclol from August 2012
LM sez, inna comment on nawt-sekkkund time round: dis iz in teh baffroom. Kumo iz on teh sink, Sawyer iz on teh windowsill (az yoo can tell). but but but… dis iz KUMO’S windosill!! where KUMO sits!! an now dis noo guy iz sitting on HIMZ windowsill!! an ifinkso Kumo iz finking, Wen’s that guy going to get down offa my windowsill?

Iz been waitin all day

Photo (of Princess) and caption by Maryh Cookie

Classiclol from August 2012
Nawt-sekkund thyme around, Cookie sed: This kitty is Princess. She was living in the garden center of the Lowe’s where my guy works. Then one night he went out to his vehicle at a little after 11pm and there she was. He opened the door and sat down…and before he could close the door she’d jumped up into his lap and she purrred all the way home. He put her down in the house and she strolled through the house with her tail straight up leaving our cats staring at her. She said, “I’m the Princess. And you’re NOT.

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