Is that time again…

All good, folks! We’re covered for another year! Peeps we see posting all the time, lurkers, the odd name I don’t recognize at all… lotsa peeps throwing in what they can, and in a day and a half, we’ve got enough to make sure that Cheezland stays open, and doesn’t have to drop to the simpler plan we used to have such annoying problems on.

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Furbaby memorial day

All day, around the normal lols, you’ll be seeing extra posts remembering the furry kids of Cheezpeeps.

If you missed the earlier announcements, it’s not too late! If you email me at [email protected], I will still do my best to get yours added to the lineup! I’m very flexible: ask me to repost a previous memorial or lol or pic, or send me something new, or… well, whatever works for you. And if necessary, I’ll continue it tomorrow! Peeps’ll understand!

We’ve all lost so many over the years. Not all have posts here. Maryh Cookie’s Big Robert (and David Who Is More Than A Cat, and Ms Streak, and Golden, and…), for example. And ginacuccu’s Baby and Smokey and Fuzza. To say nothing of human friends.

If we remember them, they’re still here.

Love you all!

Prysma taking night off

Prysma wore her self out taking care of Freya and such, so now our turn to take care of her. She is ok, just anxiety and physically worn out. She should be back to her normally silly self shortly. She feels bad about not having posts lined up “just in case” – but I think she is just being silly, should climb under a blankie and eat her pizza ;P

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