Thoughts and beams for Cory (and Prysma, Freya and I) plz … after ups and downs for a few weeks, he has a rough few hours and I know PK is going to have a long night – will update in morning.


  1. Beemz!

  2. Unless there’s a miracle in the next few hours, I think we’ve lost the fight. Suddenly today (yesterday? Thursday) he’s so much weaker even though he is eating, his back end in particular just seems to have no strength. He isn’t hurting but I don’t want this to go that far. He’s been trying to regain ground since Jan 20th. I think he’s just… done with it.

    There might be a bit of disruption in Cheezland posts. I’m sorry. You’re my family and I know you need Cheezland, but…

    1. We understand, Prysma. If there is anything I can do, please ask – I can always say if I can’t manage . I know how precious Cory is to you, I remember you raising him from a newborn kitten when I first found ICHC when it was good. Know that we all will be beeming hard for Cory and for you, Jackie and Freya ‘cos we love you all so much.

  3. Please don’t worry about Cheezland – let us be here for you. We love you all so much.

    Holding you all in the Light with many prayers and beems and hopes. Sweet Cory Bear knows how very, very much you love him and that he is always safe in your care.

  4. Oh I’m so so so very sad and sorry. I send many tearful and loving beams of love and light and Cory Bear if it is time, you go gently and painlessly over to Trick and his furry arms.
    Prysma and Jackie virtual hugs, it’s never easy and requires the highest form of love we give to our fur babies.

  5. Man does this suck! Cory is a member of all our lives, and we will all be sending thoughts and beems for him. Please don’t worry about the Cheezeland updates. We all understand that this will be gutting for you and Jackie. At least know that if it is time for him to go, he will have Trick waiting for him, so he won’t be lonely.

  6. Thanks to our very compassionate vet, who has tried her best for weeks to help him live and at the end could only help him have peace… my Cory-Bear is now across the Bridge with big bro Trick and floofy foster-mom Angel. I know I’ll stop crying eventually, but right now… this was all we could do. The neurological issues got too strong while he was weakened.

    What I hate is that we had JUST, with this vet, FINALLY gotten his allergies under control. No more itching and pulling fur. No more overweight because of prednisolone either. He was happy and playful. Jan 19th he was active and playing and purring and it was wonderful. The 20th he had appalling mucusy diarrhea all day (sorry). And he just never recovered, despite everything.

    Thank you for the beems and love and sympathy. I know you guys know how it feels. He was an orphaned rescue – maybe donate a can of food to a shelter or rescue or feral colony in his name, okay?

    I know this pain heals but man, it’s going to be uphill this time.

    1. Have yourself a good cry. No doubt it will be painful, but you know it was the right thing. When my uncle died, my cousin said “grief is the price of love” and you had a special relationship with Cory. Remember our pets live in the moment. He is at peace, and free of discomfort. Big hugs to everyone.

  7. Cheezland will go on, tho I think after today’s post run out, Prysma will take a small break (obviously) and get back to posting sillies in a few days *hugs*

  8. Dearest Prysma and Jackie, I’m so sorry to hear of Cory’s passing… Take care of yourselves and each other <3 <3 <3
    Hugs and love from over the pond <3 <3 <3

  9. I am so so sorry. Don’t stop crying until you are ready. You did all that could be done for him, and then some.

    He is settling in in the meadow with Trick and Angel, and he has joined the eternal chorus of “no, AI habs de bestest mawms ebber!” Nothing changes the love – right now this minute, he loves you as much as ever, and he always will.

    Please be gentle with yourself. Let Cheezland put its arms around the whole house of Prysma, and take the time and space that you need. We love you all.

  10. Oh no. I am so sorry and so sad. Peej an Jessica an Zeba an Bonnie hoo barfs alot an Sumo r reportin bak dat Cory-bear iz safely in da meadow. And my Star ran ova an scooped him up an is comfortun him rite now. Le sigh. Life is hard. An life is good. We love you prysma an Jackie.elle an Freya.

  11. Ghost wandered over and said “Oh, a black kitty!. I miss my Jet, but I would like to be your friend. Come meet all my friends who Badger loves and misses, and her husband, who is very nice alsoaswell.” And there were headbonks.

  12. Henry and Sarah are giving him rides for a tour of the meadow, and Lili is curling up with him for warms and naps.

  13. {{{{{Prysma}}}}} I’m from the original Cheezfrenz group and we’re all beeming for you and so sad for the need to help Cory Bear over the Bridj. Please know you are loved by our group as well as Cheezlanders. Sending beems and hugs for you, Jackie Elle and yours.

  14. Sincere sympathies, Prysma and Jackie-Elle and Freya. Our furbabies give us such uncomplicated love and joy. I’m sure Kiri-chan is trynna hold in her swingy-floofy-belly with such a handsome Bear-boy in da meadow. Holding you all in my heart ❤

  15. {{{{{{{{{{{{Prysma}}}}}}}}}} I wish I could give you a real hug. Thinking of you, Jackie and Freya with much love

  16. Give me one more day – I’ll get things back on track for Monday, okay? Thank you for being here and for understanding, but then, if anyone understands, it’s the people right here. My bearcat always wanted to be in the same room with me, other than changing that up now and then to be near Jackie instead, and neither of us can move or look anywhere or hear anything without ghosts. Which means breaking down in tears a lot. Being exhausted from broken sleep for a month and a half while nursing him isn’t helping. I keep falling asleep.

    Freya is getting so much loving that even she is occasionally just declaring it excessive and going in a box – still close but out of reach. She isn’t looking for Cory. I think she already knew. Just for attention and closeness.

    We all know this heals, at least sort of. But this bit is terrible.

    I don’t know whether there’s any point to a specific memorial post for him. He’s all over Cheezland too.

    Anyway. I’m sorry there will be a second day of no posts, but I’ll make sure there’s kitten cuteness on Monday, okay?

    Love you guys withamuchness!

  17. i am so sorry :( *waves sparkly wand to bring comforts to evreewun hoo luvs Cory and Prysma and Freya and Jackie*


  18. I’m so sorry {{{{{{{{Prysma Freya Jackie}}}}}}}} Cory wuz so luvd, by yoo an all ob Cheezland. yoo gibbed him a gud life an now him iz free of himz sikness and trubbles an iz meeting all teh noo kitteh frends in teh meddow.

  19. So very sorry – there are no words! But he’s in the meadow with all his and our friends where there is no sadness or pain or sense of time! We can be glad for them all and only sorry for us who are left behind for a bit . Many hugs to you all! xxxx

  20. I feel for your grief. My own are there to offer a welcome. Cats: Finnegan, Mr Enderby, Sam Mad Cat & Muscat. Dogs: Henri (toy poodle) & Sonny (german shepherd). I am certain they are all there to greet Cory.
    I still have some of my entries from that ‘other place’ that I keep meaning to upload. Could they be my ‘casserole’ for the grieving family? Something to heat up when you don’t feel like cooking?
    Let me know if this would be helpful, or tell me to bugger off.

  21. I think we would love a Cory-Bear tribute very much-we all loved and cheered him on-but only if it is not too painful for you my dear friend. ♥♥♥

  22. Cory-bear am undor a ginormous pile ov nanimals. Dem eech am wantin two b frrends wiv da one an onlee fabulous cheezlandia wundor Cory-bear. An awl uz cheezpeeps am virtually piled up awn prysma an jackie an freya. We luvs u.

  23. {{{{{{{{{Prysma and Jackie and Freya}}}}}}}}} It’s so hard to say goodbye. Cory-bear had a wonderful life with you, filled with lots of love, treats, fresh air, and everything to make for a happy kitteh. May you find peace in holding on to those precious memoriess.

  24. Posts are up for tomorrow, so everyone can enjoy some kitten cuteness.

    Thank you for being so patient and all the sympathy. I’m not trying to be all drama-queen or anything. We all know what it feels like to grieve. I’m just… having a particularly tough time coping with the absence of my babybear. But I’ll try to get things back to normal.

    1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Prysma}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} you just take your time, some babies are really hard to lose.

    2. You are not being a drama queen, my friend. You are being a loving human person who has suffered a terrible loss. And here, you are among people who love you, and who deeply understand. We will surround you and Jackie and Freya…close in if you want cyber-hugs, or holding space if you need some solitude. Whatever you need is the exact right thing to do at a time like this.

    3. You don’t have to apologise for grieving. Cory was very precious to you since you reared him against the odds from a 10 day old orphan. It is not at all surprising that you feel so sad at his passing – perhaps more than any of us have ever felt for the loss of a beloved pet. {{{{{{Prysma}}}}}}

  25. Shuffles feet a bit, preparing to say something rather personal…….When my husband had just died, and I commented that I felt bad about having to ask for help or wasn’t able to fulfill duties I usually did for others (because I HATE that) a very wise friend said “Don’t be silly. We will help you any way you need help, but we are trying not to hover”.
    Now, because it’s a lot harder when the friend who is hurting is remote, we are somewhat hovering….but we are here for you, and Jackie, and Miss Freya. And we understand. Hell, if we all lived in the same city you would be hip deep in casseroles. (It’s a Southern thing, don’t ask).


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