1. u are teh kittehs. Dat’s all teh evidens i needs.

    Congrats, anni! Hao am u doin? Got ur shots yet?

    1. Thx, hcr!
      Ai aer OK thx. Hab had too shots an feel reezunabloly saef
      Hoep awl iz wel wiv u an uurs. goin intu sops fur teh nawt sekund tiem sinxe March lass yeer!
      Ai hoep awl iz wel wiv u an ur famblee.

        1. i r glad to hear dat! I got may sekkund shot today, phew! We’z fine, still at home mostlee, except me, I has to go to school ebery so often and then run bak for teh online classes. It’s a mixed system rite nao, but it (sorta) wurks.

          whut’s “sops”?

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